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Hello and welcome to amateur television,
it is amateur radio with pictures.

Melbourne amateur TV
tune to 445.500 Mhz

Standard Definition

Greetings and Welcome...

Since 1990 - Sept.2011
Experimenting with TV Transmissions.
Broadcasting test patterns, Astronomical material,
Sci-fi fan films, home movies and slide shows
to music or a voice over.
Was most Friday nights ~9pm till late.
Now it is only as experimentation dictates.

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. Who is VK 3 KHB? .

1960's - 2020

I have many scientific interests thanks to good teachers in primary and at secondary school (technical) in the northern suburbs (technical schools no-longer exist, pity) with further study at RMIT TAFE and University. Over the decades that followed I experimented in many fields of interest, astronomy, chemistry, physics... acquired my amateur radio license in the early 1980's and since 1992 broadcast TV directly and via VK3RTV on Melbourne amateur TV frequencies. As an amateur radio enthusiast I experiment with many aspects of electromagnetic radiation. For voice, video and data over radio signals in HF, VHF, UHF and beyond. Building my own equipment, antennas and specialized devices as and when needed; learning much along the way.

I hope you find something of interest here...

Gary, VK3KHB

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