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ATV Programme Schedules


Regular Programmes or re-occurring events on
VK 3 RTV1 and VK 3 RTV2

Officially: NONE

However there are individual amateur radio stations

WIA broadcast:
Most Sunday Mornings: ~9:15am to 10:15am
Usually as audio with sending station test card.

Most Wednesday Nights: ~7:45pm to 8:45pm
Repeat of WIA Broadcast, audio with sending station test card.

Most Friday Nights: ~9:30pm to Midnight
VK3EKH [ Astronomy / Space related material ]

All other times:
Stations investigating some aspect of television.

Astronomy: Between October 2003 to December 2007 Gary, VK 3 KHB re-broadcast to anyone watching ATV ~10pm till 11pm live the Astronomical Society of Victoria club station 'VK 3 EKH Astronomy Talk' spoken by Russell on the HF band at 3.543Mhz LSB and during that talk Gary tried to find appropriate images or video to play from Gary's collection of CSIRO, ESA / NASA short films and images... feedback from viewers then was fair to impressive presentations.

Today the Talk is still held live on 3.543Mhz LSB most Friday nights by Clint Jeffrey and others. Clint also simulcasts his broadcasts on VK 3 RTV 2 by a web-camera from his Narre Warren South studio - shack watching him reading out the various interesting articles. It takes a lot of effort to do both live reading and popping up images... Remember we are one person TV stations. :-)

General Viewing:
Types of images seen will be of shack, family, backyard, local neighbourhood and home movies. Most of the time you see testing of camera, modulation or reproduction of picture information and other times a general chit chat and the TV Audio is not always present, as the conversation may be on another or several frequencies. Usually on 147.4Mhz FM but can be anywhere in the amateur radio bands. Also beware some TV stations don't have TV sound signal, just lots of noise "shusssh" where the sound should be. Stations can be active at any time and there is usually something after 8pm most nights.

Active stations:
VK3BFG home movies of aircraft, from "spitfire across Australia" to the local community "model plane" meetings and aircraft related material.

VK3KHB computer generated slide shows of information about ATV,
animation, astronomical images from CSIRO, ESA and NASA as well as sci-fi fan films...

VK3PB shows "amateur logic", conducts equipment & propagation tests.

VK3WWW shows all sorts of oddities, mostly amateur radio adventures...
VK3GMZ shows all sorts of oddities but mainly racing cars as the driver!
VK3LL shows all sorts of oddities, a professional amateur with a TV studio!
VK3AAZ shows his shack and how to build ATV equipment,
also the occasional instructional video on model railways...

VK3ATV show his shack and latest construction project...
VK3GE shows his shack and other interesting items.
VK3DQ shows his shack, plays audio books and other interesting items.

VK3RTV is the repeater.

Which is usually the only way you will see all of these stations.

Amateur radio operators can call back on:
2 meter ATV Liaison frequency 147.4Mhz simplex.
Public can watch VK 3 RTV on-line at: www.batc.tv

Gary, VK3KHB

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