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Australian TV standards

Australian analogue TV standards
AM (Vestigial Sideband) TV Standards
TV System
Channel Bandwidth
Vision Carrier
Primary Audio Carrier
Secondary Audio Carrier
Vision Modulation
Lines per picture
Line frequency (beam Left to Right)
Field frequency (beam top to bottom)
Colour Subcarrier frequency
Aspect ratio
Horizontal sync pulse amplitude
Front porch
Line blanking interval (beam R to L)
Black & Blanking level
White level
Sound Modulation
Sound deviation
Audio pre-emphasis
1.25MHz above channel lower edge
5.5MHz above vision carrier
242.1875kHz above primary sound
Negative amplitude modulation (AM)
625 lines, Interlaced 2:1
15.625kHz (64us)
100% carrier amplitude
1.3 - 1.8us
11.8 - 12.3us
76% peak carrier level
20% peak carrier level
+/- 50KHz
50 us

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Australian DiGiTaL TV standards *
DVB-T1 Digital Video Broadcast - Terrestrial #1
Modulation 64 QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) *
16 QAM (amateur TV only)
Code Rate 2 / 3
Carriers/Noise 20 dB
Guard Interval 1 / 8 *
1 / 4 (amateur TV only)
Carrier Mode 8 K 6817 carriers (8K mode) *
2 K 1705 carriers (2K mode) (aTV only)
SD-DTV Standard Definition DTV
576 lines x 720 active pixels
@ 50Hz interlaced (576i)
MPEG-2 digital stereo sound
Widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio
HD-DTV High Definition DTV
1440 active pixels x 1080 lines
@ 50Hz interlaced (1080i)

1280 active pixels x 720 lines
@ 50Hz progressive (720p)

_720 active pixels x 576 lines
@ 50Hz progressive (576p)
Widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio
For more information visit:
"the free dictionary"
lots of technical jargon explained...
aTV only:

The amateur TV service experimenting with other DTV standards, to increase distance or reliability of coverage with low power transmissions. Your DTV receiver will usually auto detect and tune-in.

Gary, VK3KHB

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