ATV is Amateur TeleVision.
It is amateur radio with pictures.

Amateur radio enthusiasts interested in the experimentation of transmitting & receiving television usually with other licensed amateur radio operators that hold or are aspiring to hold a certificate of proficiency, but increasingly with members of the public that have seen pictures of blokes talking and showing each other electronic gadgets or the latest video creation or similar event.

While "Commercial" and "Community TV" are in business to make money and provide a service to the public, "Amateur TV" is not.

ATV is "non-profit" purely experimental,
"fortuitive television"

Each ATV station is a unique entity and are only represented in a broad sense by the "Wireless Institute of Australia" and like the Commercial and Community TV stations are answerable to the "Australian Communications and Media Authority".

If you see something you want to know more about, contact the station transmitting.

Please take note of the date, time and any station ID you see, usually VK3??? - VK3RTV is the repeater and usually is not the originating station unless it is in beacon mode, a 20 minute slide show / video about itself.

ATV is really for the amateur radio enthusiasts as it is not intended to be entertaining to the general public. You may see broadcasts in a "news format" aimed at other radio amateurs or "educational programs" explaining how something works or "home movies" of an event or "computer generated animation" or something else that is equally amazing.

There are no official regular scheduled ATV programs or allotted time for each station to use the ATV service. However some operators put together a regular broadcast or a re-broadcast of another service, all subject to availability of the VK3RTV service & personnel to put all the items together. It is not that practicable for these "one person" television stations that operate as a hobby to create "scheduled programs" it requires a lot of time and work...

There are about a dozen active stations and another 10 to 20 that are known to have ATV capabilities. Generally ATV is used as a "Video Phone" contact & conversation with one or many participants sharing ideas, information and generally having a chit chat about many things... Hopefully you have or will enjoy listening in to the ATV broadcasts... All are welcome to listen and get involved.

73's for now
Gary, VK3KHB

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